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3000W LCD DC to AC Pure Sine Wave Inverter

3000W LCD DC to AC Pure Sine Wave Inverter
Product name:3000W LCD DC to AC Pure Sine Wave Inverter
1. Vehicle and vessel Equipment Series: Military vehicle, police cars, ambulances, ships, trucks, cars, etc.
2. Office Equipment Series: laptop computers, printers, desktop computers, copiers, scanners, program-controlled telephone 
    switches, attendance machine, network equipment, etc.
3. Digital electronic product series: digital cameras, game consoles, Apple iPhones and all kinds of mobile phones, learning
    machine,MP3 / 4 players, mobile DVD, etc.
4. Household Equipment series: air conditioner, refrigerator, TV, washing machines, electric fans, water heaters, VCR, stereo, DVD, 
    VCD, and microwave ovens. etc.

   Product Features  
◇ High efficiency, fast start;
◇ Pure sine wave form output;
◇ Soft start function;
◇ Strong Adaptability and stability;
◇ Built-in fuse, safe and reliable;
◇ DC/AC isolation;
◇ Industrial connectors as accessories;
◇ Display, remote-control optional.

   Main function and Protections  
Battery Low Voltage Alarm: 
  When the voltage of battery is lower than normal voltage for a certain range, the inverter will beep to remind the user that the battery 
  needs to be charged. The user should stop the electronic equipment and charge the battery as soon as possible.
Battery Low Voltage Protection: 
  When the voltage of battery or power supply is too low, the inverter will shutdown automatically and stop output to avoid the damage
  of the battery or power supply. When the voltage is back to normal, the inverter returns to work automatically.
Battery over-voltage protection: 
   Inverter will shut down automatically when the DC input voltage is more than the normal value for a certain range. Please note that 
   it may damage the machine if the voltage is too high.
Over Heat Protection: 
   If the inverter internal temperature or ambient temperature is too high, the inverter will go temperature protection automatically to 
   ensure the safety of electrical equipment.
Over Load Protection: 
   When power of the load connected exceeds the rated power (Watt) of inverter, the inverter will shut down automatically and stop
   output. It would recover and work normally after the removal of overload.
Short-circuit Protection:
   When the load is in short-circuit trouble, the inverter will shut down automatically and stop output. It would recover and work
   normally  after the removal of short-circuits.
Earth leakage protection: 
  inverter is made according to the national security leakage protection standards. When leakage of electricity occurs at the grounding
  terminals, leakage protection circuit will shut down the inverter to avoid the electric shocks.

   Wave Form  

   Performance Parameter  
Model MK-3000P-121 MK-3000P-241 MK-3000P-481 MK-3000P-122 MK-3000P-242 MK-3000P-482
Rated power 
3000W 3000W 3000W 3000W 3000W 3000W
Peak power
6000W 6000W 6000W 6000W 6000W 6000W
DC input voltage 12V 24V 48V 12V 24V 48V
AC output voltage 110VAC 220VAC
No-load current 1.2A 0.6A 0.3A 1.2A 0.6A 0.3A
AC output frequency 60HZ±0.5Hz 50HZ±0.5Hz
AC output waveform Pure Sine Wave 
Waveform distortion  THD<3%(Linear load)    
Efficiency >85% >88% >90% >85% >88% >90%
DC input voltage range 10.5-15V 21-30V 42-60V 10.5-15V 21-30V 42-60V
Low Voltage Alarm 10.5+/-0.3V 21+/-0.3V 42+/-0.3V 10.5+/-0.3V 21+/-0.3V 42+/-0.3V
Low Voltage Shutdown 10+/-0.3V 20+/-0.3V 40+/-0.3V 10+/-0.3V 20+/-0.3V 40+/-0.3V
Over Voltage Protection 15.5+/-0.5V 31+/-1V 62+/-2V 15.5+/-0.5V 31+/-1V 62+/-2V
Low Voltage Recovery 12+/-0.5V 24+/-1V 48+/-2V 12+/-0.5V 24+/-1V 48+/-2V
Over Voltage Recovery 14.8V 29.5V 59V 14.8V 29.5V 59V

Protective Function
Low/Over voltage LED  Red light, automatic recovery
Over load LED Red light, automatic recovery
Over temperature  LED Red light, automatic recovery
Short circuit LED Red light, automatic recovery
Input reverse connection Fuse Burn-out
Working Temp. 0-40C
Storage Temp. Humidity (-30)-70C
Dimension 395*200*148mm(L*W*H)
Net Weight
QTY /Ctn
24 Months

   Outline Dimensions  

   Optional sockets  
power inverter

1. Put the inverter switch on OFF position and then clip the battery clamps on the positive and negative terminals of the battery.
2. Note the positive and negative polarity: the red clip line "O"-shaped terminal should be connected with the red terminal of inverter, 
    the black "O"-shaped terminal should be connected with the black terminals of inverter. Then the red clip connects the battery 
    positive pole, the black clip connects the negative pole of the battery.
3. Turn on the inverter switch. If the light is green, the inverter works normally. If red, inverter is faulty. Please check the wires
4. Put the plug of the electric equipment into the outlet of the inverter and turn on the switch. If the indicator light is green, the electric
    appliance works normally.
5. Operation procedure: When you use the inverter, please turn on the inverter firstly, and then turn on the electric appliances. When
    you stop using the inverter, please turn off the electric appliance firstly, and then turn off the inverter. 
6. When the inverter is working, if the buzzer alarms and the light is red, it indicates that the inverter fails. The user should check the 
    wires connection, DC input voltage and the peak power of loads, etc. After the fault is canceled, the inverter restarts automatically.

   FAQ and Solutions  
Q1. The electric appliance doesn’t work and the indicator light isn’t on.
1. Faulty battery .
2. Wrong connection of positive pole and negative pole.
3. Loose connection of the cables.
1. Check the battery, and change it if needed.
2. Check the connection of battery. The inverter might be damaged and should be changed or sent to be repaired.
3. Check the cables and connection points, and tighten the terminals. 
Q2. The electric appliance doesn’t work and the RED indicator light is on.
1. The rated power of electric appliance exceeds the nominal power of inverter which leads to over load shutdown .
2. The rated power of electric appliance is less than the nominal power of the inverter but its peak power is too high which leads to 
   over load shutdown.
3. The electricity in battery runs out (the inverter alarms).
4. Poor ventilation causes over heat shutdown.
5. Input voltage is too high.
1. Please use the electric appliance which power is less than the nominal power of inverter.
2. The peak power of electric appliance is no more than that of power inverter, or the same power.
3. Charge the battery or change it.
4. Turn off the inverter for 15 minutes, remove the items near fan and those around the inverter, put the inverter in a shady and cool 
5. Turn off the inverter and test the output voltage of battery. 
Q3. The output voltage of power inverter which is tested too low.
Reason: Generally the numerical reading range of voltmeter for testing use is too small.
Answer: If you test the output voltage of modified sine wave inverters, please use “true RMS Multimeter” to obtain the accurate data. 
Q4. Only small power load can be driven.
Reason: When the current goes through the cables, the voltage declines.
Answer: Shorten the length and use thicker cables. 

Q5. The hours of use are too short.
1. The electricity consumption of the electric appliance is larger than rated load of power inverter.
2. The battery is faulty or damaged.
3. The battery is not well charged.
4. The current declines when through cables.
1. Use larger capacity battery.
2. Change battery.
3. If the charger can’t charge the battery fully, it needs to change a better intelligent charger.
4. Shorten the length of the cables and use the thicker cables.

▲  Do not put the inverter in the raining or humid place, it may cause electric shock.
▲  Do not insert metals like naked wire into the output socket or inside the inverter through ventilation hole. Otherwise it may cause
      electric shock.
▲  Do not put the inverter in the place where children can reach, it may cause injure and electric shock.
▲  When the power inverter is used for a long time, it will be hot, please be careful.
▲  Keep the inverter from flammable materials, fumes or gases when used.
△  Proper cooling is necessary while operating.
△  Please insure the inverter is put at “OFF” position when the vehicle is started, otherwise the large instant peak voltage will
      possibly damage the inverter or its connected electric appliance.
△  Reliable connection of the inverter input and DC power output is necessary as the input current is considerable large when 
      inverter is running.
Notice: the signals with ▲ are the operations which may cause the personal security. The signals with △ are the operations which 
     may cause the machine damaging.

   After-sales service  
The product will be free from defects in material and workmanship under normal use for two year from the date of original purchase.
If the product need to be adjusted or repaired in the warranty period, please bring this product warranty cards and notes to the 
company's special department for maintenance or repair to change, if there is any of the following circumstances, although in the 
warranty period, need repair with your own expense: 
1.  Fault is due in view of the company without permission or authorization of our company to non-designated repair point for repair 
     or adjustment. 
2. Warranty customers as a result of man-made damage, the demolition of their own, the use of overload or other natural disasters
    caused by the fault or damage is not scope of the warranty. 
3. The wrong use of power or lead to excessive current product burned. 
4. Over warranty, the company charges to provide maintenance services.
5.  The power cord connector, fuse, and other accessories belonging to the depletion of supplies, is not in the scope of warranty. 
6. Returned products in accordance with relevant state ministries and commissions <<Return to replace some of the goods repair
    liability>> implementation.

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